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 100% Natural and Certified Organic Latex Mattresses


Free of toxic flame retardants or other harmful chemicals and carcinogens


 Naturally hypoallergenic

Dust mite resistant and do not support mildew or bacteria.

Handcrafted in our Kitsilano, Vancouver BC, store

Custom orders 

GOLS, GOTS and OekoTex certified

Why Latex

Pure latex rubber mattresses and pillows are ideal for the perfect "green" sleeping environment. They are hypoallergenic and anit-microbial, resisting dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Conventional mattresses are treated with toxic flame retartdents that are harmful or you and the environment. InBed Organics' latex mattresses are free of these chemicals, as well as other harmful synthetic additives and materials.

Our mattresses have a lifespan of 20-30 years and are fully biodegradable. Providing superior orthopeadic support, latex conforms to the contour of your body without sagging or taking any body impressions.

You will feel confident that you are supporting a renewable, "green" resource, while not sacrificing style, comfort or support.

Custom Work

We make customized orders for all of our products. Contact us if you would like us to design something unique to your home.

Superior Support

Our pillows and mattresses offer superior orthopedic support. Latex is extremely resilient and is capable of providing the comfort and support your body needs to consistently sleep well. Multiple density options also contribute to a personalized support system for every individual.

Made Locally With Love

All of our GOTS Certified Organic mattress cases, wool toppers, pillowcases and comforters are handcrafted in our Kitsilano store.


We take pride in ensuring all our products are Certified Organic or 100% Natural to guarantee our clients environmentally friendly and healthy materials. Our latex is free of toxic chemicals, it is biodegradable, and it does not support dust mites, mould, or mildew. Our Eco-Wool is ethically sourced and free of harmful chemicals.

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