Here at inBed Organics we care about our costumers health and wellbeing just as much as we care about the Earth.

That's why we're taking great pride in offering you only the highest quality materials  you will find on the market.  

Our latex:

The latex for our mattress cores is harvested in Sri Lanka and manufatured into mattresses cores on site. We then receive containers of certified organic latex directly here to Vancouver. These containers are not  fumigated before shipping, but instead steamed before being loaded.

These mattress cores each come with the GOLS Certification (Global Organic Latex Standard) and are the first natural latex mattress cores worldwide to receive the Carbon Neutralized Certification. So you can be sure that your mattress has the least environmental impact possible. 

To guarantee that your mattress is indeed certified you should look out for the certification sticker on the mattress core.


Our wool:

You have the choice of certified organic wool, which is grown in New Zealand, or our Eco Wool, which is locally sourced here in Canada, and though not certified organic, it is ethically sourced; the sheep do not suffer while being sheared as they might in traditional shearing, and the wool manufacturing process omits chemicals of any kind.

It is not treated or washed with harmfull chemicals, meaning the wool retains its naturally occurring beneficial properties.

Sourcing our wool from Canada immensly shortens supply chains and will have a positive impact on the environment.



Our cotton:

Our cotton is all certified organic.