About Us

When Jennifer (Jem) Terra started inBed Organics in 2005, she was a young mother dealing with allergies her son had developed as a result from sleeping on a conventional mattress. She was concerned about all the harmful chemicals we breath in, that are fuming out of conventional mattresses while we're sleeping. So she was looking for healthier sleeping options and quickly realized that they weren't readily available. Needing a sleeping solution for her family, she decided to found her own company, where she could be sure of the quality of materials used, and getting the word out about healthy sleep.





At inBed Organics we offer a wide variety of products all focused around sustainable and natural resources. Our mattress selection features both certified organic and 100% natural latex cores for the ultimate support while you sleep. We are unique in that we provide consumers with the ability to choose a complete bed that is 100% organic.





We handcraft our mattresses and the majority of our bedding here in our store in Vancouver, which gives us all the flexibility we need to offer you a sustainable sleeping solution that is 100% customized to your needs, as well as gives us full control over the materials we use.