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Fabric Case


When your mattress arrives it will be shipped in 2 to 3 pieces. One piece is the case and the other pieces are the latex cores.  Reason being that it prevents damage in shipping. Handle the core carefully until it is zippered  into the fabric case. The case is a three sided zipper making it removable for cleaning.  


Follow these steps to put the 6" fabric case No Wool  on your latex mattress:

1. Start with the fabric case inside out

2. Lay it on top of the latex rubber core (mattress)

3. Slip your hand inside the case to the top corner and line up the 6” (height) on one side

4. Walk around your bed to the other side and repeat by lining up the other 6” (height)

5. Line up the top 2 seams (width)

6. Shimmy the case down, lining up the seams as you go (length)

7. Push the latex in to condense it and continue until the fabric case will not go more

8. Flip the latex rubber core so the top side is down and bottom side up

9. Every time the core is flipped, it makes it possible to work the fabric case down further

10. Continue until the core is almost in the case

11. Push the latex rubber core into the fabric case even if the seams do not line up at the bottom

12. Flip the latex rubber core back and forth until it bounces into place

Your case has been made slightly larger for shrinkage during washing

Follow these steps to put the 8' fabric case  With Wool on your latex mattress:

1. Start with the fabric case unzipped.

2. Lay it open on frame  (wool side down as we are putting it together upside down then will flip it after it is zippered in).

3. Put latex 2" topper inside then put the 6" core (with shipping plastic on topper and then remove plastic by cutting off carefully).

4. After 6" is unrolled, zip case up

5. Flip mattress so up side is up (wool side)

6. Zip closed, if easy to do so.

7. If unable to zip up fabric, the fast way to finish zipping closed is to “flip” entire mattress and case upside down.

8. Flip the latex rubber core so the top side is down and bottom side up

9. Continue to zipper it closed then flip back to have top side back on top.

Note: Do not pull on fabric when flipping etc.  To flip: place one hand on top and slip other hand directly below on the bottom, squeeze while flipping. If you pull on latex it can tear. Please call for directions if need be,  Jem 778-892-4044









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