Care and Maintenance

Latex Bedding & Untreated Wool Recommended Care Instructions

Untreated Wool & Organic Cotton requires what kind of care?
Direct sunlight and air once a month is the best way to care for your wool or cotton filled bedding. Airing out is helpful for taking out odors and assisting in moisture evaporating. However, wool is already naturally anti-bacterial, mold and mildew resistant as well as dust mite resistant. Pillows, wool toppers & comforters can be put in the dryer on COLD air fluff for 10-20 minutes with a clean tennis ball to re-fluff the fibers. If sunning & airing is not possible, products may be professionally cleaned by an upholstery method using a wet-cleaning technique. Do not dry-clean.

Latex Bedding requires what kind of care?
Latex must be covered on all sides, with a cover, to extend the life of the product. Latex is naturally dust-mite resistant, anti-bacterial and resistant to mold and mildew. An organic cotton barrier pad with organic batting for protection is ideal as it may be put into the washing machine (cold water). The case on the latex is not to be removed (cold hand wash and no heat drying). If latex does need cleaning use warm water and environmentally friendly dish soap to spot wash or follow recommendations below for stains.

Organic Cotton Care and Information

Will organic cotton shrink?
Please be careful how you dry organic cotton fabric. Heat drying can cause shrinkage for organic cotton. Cotton will naturally shrink when washed. Cotton made with conventional practices is usually treated with chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat. Our items are not pre-shrunk; however, they are cut large to allow for shrinkage. When washed and dried according to instructions, our organic cotton items will shrink to the size that is advertised.
Drying with high heat can cause 5-10% shrinkage. Use air drying to maintain the size.

Is organic cotton durable?
With proper care, organic cotton will last many years because it is not treated with weakening harsh chemicals that conventional cotton is.

What about stains?
Spray with vinegar & water solution of 1:3 parts white vinegar and water. Use direct sunlight to dry and continue if needed until stain fades. Do not dry clean.
Another cleaning method would be using Grapefruit seed Extract.