Natural Bath Accessories

The most important factor for most people in choosing sheets or towels is comfort.

At inBed Organics you can find the best organic cotton towels. Organic cotton feel demonstrably better than their non-organic counterparts. You can feel the difference! Organic towels and sheets are soft and luxurious. They’re softer because they retain their natural properties much longer than conventional cotton. Additionally, most organic cotton is hypoallergenic and is safe for anyone with ashtma or chemical sensitivities. They are a much better choice for people with allergies, rashes or respitory problems.

Conventional cotton is treated with harsh, toxic chemicals to extend it’s lifespan. This process, however, only serves to erode the natural, protective qualities of the cotton.Organic cotton production, on the other hand, allows the cotton fibers to retain their natural strength and durability. Plus, organic cotton typically has longer fibers so there’s fewer joins in spinning yarns.


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