Shredded Latex and Wool Pillows

Shredded Latex and Wool Pillows

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Our shredded latex and wool pillow features GOLS certified organic latex rubber and your choice of GOTS certified organic wool or our Eco-Wool, which is untreated and not processed with harmful chemicals, pesticides or petroleum-based detergents. They come with a case of GOTS certified organic cotton handmade at our store.

Wool is mold resistant, hypoallergenic and dust mite free.

The shredded latex provides similar support as old down pillows, without the allergic tendencies and they will not flatten out while sleeping.

Latex conforms to relieve pressure and provide support throughout the night,and is resistant to mold, fungus, mildew, bacteria and dust mites.


Toddler - 12" x 20"

Travel - 16" x 24" 

Standard - 20" x 26" 

Queen - 20" x 30" 

King - 20" x 36" 

Body - 19" x 57"