Reviews by Clients:


Excellent Products
Excellent Service
Excellent Prices

That's what you'll find at inBed Organics mattress and bedding store in Kitsilano.
Ms. Jem Terra and her 'no-pressure' staff will make sure that you sleep comfortably on healthful products.

Recently, we purchased a Certified Organic mattress from inBed Organics. We are delighted with the purchase and we cannot praise the products, services and prices enough.

Firstly, they are one of the few stores in Vancouver offering 'Certified' Organic latex foam in their mattresses and pillows. They also offer a line of Natural mattresses and pillows.

You can custom build up to 3 layers of foam in each mattress ( Ultra Soft through Very Firm ). If you change your mind down the road, they have an exchange option available.

inBed Organics offers premium products at reasonable prices, as we found out after shopping all over Vancouver and the internet.


We're extremely happy with our bed from inBed Organics. Jem worked with us to get the exact combination that best suits us. We loved the option to have different densities on each side of a King bed, since I prefer a medium-firm and my wife prefers soft. Highly recommended.



My new pillow makes me feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud :) The staff here are super helpful and friendly!



Great customer service and great product! I originally went to inBed Organics for a latex pillow, since latex pillows seem to be impossible to find in store anywhere. The latex pillow ended up being too firm for me so I was able to exchange it for a shredded latex and wool pillow. The first pillow was too soft so they gladly altered it and stuffed it more.The pillow was perfect! The staff was super friendly, patient and accommodating each time I came back to get the pillow altered again. Now I have a pillow I am happy with : )


If you're looking for an amazing product at a reasonable price you've found the spot. Thanks best night sleep i've had in years!!


This review covers both the products and the service of inBed Organics in Vancouver. I do not work for the company, but I am a customer.

First, the product is really top quality. I researched mattresses extensively (check out The Mattress Underground website) before deciding on a latex one. This ultimately brought me to inBed Organics and their really good latex mattresses of different densities for a softer or firmer sleep experience. The owner – Jem – is very knowledgeable and works closely with you to ensure you get the mattress you want. Ask her any question about what she sells and, if she doesn’t know the answer (which is rare) she’ll find out for you. You can spend plenty of time in the shop lying on mattresses of different densities until you find the one which suits you best.

In terms of service, Jem will also deliver your mattress and set it up for you on your bed, which is really, really helpful. What’s more, you can swap your mattress for a different one if the first is not quite right in terms of firmness. In fact, Jem says you can swap several times until you get the mattress that is exactly right for you. The company’s stated goal is “to make sure you sleep well” and inBed Organics really delivers on this promise.

My experience with inBed Organics is that they are truly dedicated to making their customers happy and well-rested with both an outstanding product and exceptional service.