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Shared Vision – “Enter Sandwoman”

“Many mothers worry about their newborns dying from crib death, but most feel they can’t do much to prevent it. Not so for one Vancouver mom. When Jem Terra arrived home six years ago with her first child, she asked herself, “What are we sleeping on?”

“We needed to find a product that would provide a healthy sleep without allergy-causing mould, dust mites, and chemicals such as flame retardants, and that would not support mildew or bacteria,” she recalls.

Now the mother of two healthy, rambunctious boys, Jem is also the “mother” of inBed Organics, a company that provides latex mattresses, pillows made of untreated wool, and 100-per-cent certified organic cotton bedding.

“Our mattresses will last for 20 to 30 years, after which they are entirely biodegradable and can be composted,” she says.

Besides bringing healthy Zs to Lower Mainlanders, Jem had another reason for launching her own company: she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom for Soren (shown upside down) and Pierce , who turn seven and five, respectively, this month. In the beginning, she took them to all her business appointments, and since then, they’ve been with her every step of the journey.

“They are the reason I do this,” she confirms. “They are our future. I really want to teach them about the consequences of our choices.”

The boys are already getting their feet wet—so to speak—in doing good works: both are involved in the Water Project ( at Soren’s school to raise money to build a well in Tanzania. Meanwhile, inBed Organics donates a portion of its sales to the organization.

“I wanted to set the pace for them in making a difference by respecting our precious water, soil, and living creatures,” Jem says.”

Written by Jeanne Ainslie
Photo by Jaime Kowal

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