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What do you rest your head on each night?

Welcome to the inBed Organics Pillow Collection, where we offer you safe, sustainable, comfortable pillows made of natural and certified materials. 

Wool is moisture resistant, does not support mold, mildew or dust mites and has natural fire-retardant properties. In addition, it helps regulate body temperature.

The wool used in our products is ethically sourced; the sheep do not suffer while being sheared as they might in traditional shearing, and the wool manufacturing process omits chemicals of any kind.

Petroleum-based detergents are not used during spinning, meaning the wool retains its naturally occurring beneficial properties.

All eco-wool pillows are encased in a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover.

With our untreated wool pillows, you can breathe easy each night.


At inBed Organics we work with certified organic wool with the certification in Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).This extensive process excludes the use of non-organic materials from the farm to the final product. At the first stage, farmers must adhere to the GOTS standards for three years before they can start producing organic products.  The following guidelines encourage growers to produce higher quality wool that is grown in a thoughtful, sustainable manner. We also carefully choose the best type of specific wool to make our batting exceptionally soft and resilient.


A popular choice!

Our Certified Organic solid or shredded latex pillows offer superior support. Latex is resistant to mold, fungus, mildew, bacteria or dust mites. Latex naturally conforms to relieve pressure points and provide support.

All of our pillows come in a GOTS certified organic cotton cover, with the exception of the solid and contoured pillows.

The gently contoured pillow comes in a quilted wool & cotton case.

Want more or less shredded latex or wool in your pillow? We will happily alter our shredded latex pillows and/or wool pillows free of charge one time each per pillow after purchase!

We sew in our location!

Toddler: 12 X 20

Travel: 16 X 24

Standard: 20 X 26

Queen: 20 X 30

King: 20 X 36

Body Pillow : 19 X 57


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