Eco-Luxury GOLS Certified Organic

Eco-Luxury GOLS Certified Organic

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This mattress is our luxury option, providing you with the purest and most luxurious sleeping environment.

It comes in 2 parts:

The first part is a 6" or 8" GOLS Certified Organic or 100% Natural Latex Mattress with a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton zipper case, padded with wool on the sides. The 8" version is split up into a 6" piece for support and a 2" piece for comfort, so you will be able to choose 2 different densities. 

The second part is a 2" Certified Organic or 100% Natural Latex Topper with Certified Organic Wool or Eco-wool tuffed through (so NOT removable), with Certified Organic yarn and wrapped in a Certified Organic cotton/herringbone design cover.

Wool regulates body temperature and can absorb up to 30-35% of its own weight in moisture without feeling moist, and it acts as a natural flame retardant, keeping you and your family safe and toxin-free. In addition, it gives you this extra soft and cozy feeling for a restful sleep. Our Eco-wool is ethically sourced in Canada and is not cleaned with toxic chemicals, unlike pure virgin wool.

Densities for the different layers are your choice. Available in densities from soft to extra firm.

As we handcraft all mattresses here at our store in Vancouver, they are fully customizable to suit your needs.