What do you put your head on each night?

Wool is mold resistant, hypoallergenic, and dust mite free. As well, it is naturally a fire-retardant. The wool used is manufactured in a process that doesn’t use chemicals and the wool is not sprayed with pesticides. Petroleum-based detergents are not used to ease static during spinning which is a nonrenewable resource. All organic wool pillows come with 100% certified organic cotton covers. With untreated wool pillows you can breathe easy each night.

Another choice is 100% latex rubber pillows. A naturally hypo-allergenic pillow. Latex is resistant to mold, fungus,mildew, bacteria and dust mites. naturally conforming to relieve pressure points and provide support. The contoured latex rubber pillow comes with a certified organic cover, as well as the travel/toddler wool pillow.

Want more or less shredded latex in your pillow? We will happily re stuffed shredded latex pillows!

Toddler: 12 X 20

Travel: 16 X 24

Standard: 20 X 26

Queen: 20 X 30

King: 20 X 36

Body Pillow : 19 X 57

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